Band Members:

Chris Leyba - Vocals & Guitar

Kwante Greenidge - Drums

Tevin Chin - Guitar

Formed in 2014, Anahata Released their debut single "A Maze", leading to the release of their EP Balance. The band released their second EP titled, "Abhorrence" on November 7, 2018. They are currently performing and writing new material. Anahata's Abhorrence EP is out now, available on all streaming platforms.


Chris L.

What got you into wanting to create music

/be in a band?

I had been in love with music ever since I had my first CD player. As a kid, I was in the choir and on my days home I would play N*sync's first album on repeat and my sister would have me do dance routines for fun, at 7 to 9 years old, so singing and dancing got me my rhythm. Into my teen years, I had a lot of issues with depression, ADHD and anxiety. Music was the best way for me to vent, because I couldn't communicate how I was feeling and I would drown in it. I'd blast a whole bunch of pop-punk and then some metal and some punk. I was a T.V. baby so I'd watch rock shows on Fuse and watch Headbangers ball on MTV, before I had my first guitar. When I got my first guitar I was like "okay now I'm gonna write songs and have a band and it's gonna be awesome", because I wanted to write the same songs that helped me to feel something.

 What are your 3 favorite bands?

Dir en Grey, My Chemical Romance, The Gazette.

Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

My biggest inspiration, in a way, is Brandon Urie of Panic! At the Disco. There's something very inspiring about someone who had been through so many obstacles with people and music and come out learning about themselves and growing up. Like, I am always in my head, so to be finally out of my head and put it all out there without a second thought or fear would be awesome.

What's the coolest thing about being in Anahata?

The coolest part about being in Anahata is that I'm sharing the stage with loving friends and that we have strong experiences while playing music together. I've cried on stage, during practices, busted my face, and we have a blast and I can't wait for more of that

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